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Find out what's behind the Gator Armor technology and how you benefit from it.
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The revolutionary protective clothing

Gator Armor has developed a revolutionary technology for sports protective clothing to compensate and significantly reduce external pressure as well as sudden, strong loads on the body with the help of the smallest foam blocks. The respective body parts are thus particularly protected to prevent injuries.

The innovative underwear is the ultimate solution for all those who need special protection for their sport while placing great emphasis on comfort.

Protection - comfort - freedom of movement

Gator Armor allows you to move freely in your sport while being perfectly protected. The flexible, air-permeable upper material also prevents your body from heating up strongly during high exertion. Gator Armor's protective clothing provides you with the best possible comfort and freedom of movement for a wide variety of contact sports. Our products can be used for hockey, handball, mountain biking, basketball, rugby, parcours, skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and many other sports.

The technology

The unique, refined foam block technology distinguishes the innovative protective clothing by Gator Armor.It ensures that our products give you protection and freedom of movement, so that you can fully concentrate on your sporting effort - and while doing so, you give 100%!

The complex construction of foam blocks guarantees optimal protection.

In case of a collision, it provides an even distribution of the impact energy and protects your body from injuries in contact sports and ball sports.

The underwear has a tight body fit and impresses with its high flexibility and exceptional comfort. The technology is so lightweight and flexible that you hardly feel that you are wearing protective clothing. With Gator Armor products, your performance comes first - without fear of injury.

The special structure of the protective clothing and the lightweight, high-quality materials do not cause an increase of your body temperature - in spite of the sporting activity. On the contrary, the design of the protectors even supports the body's cooling system.

The brilliant idea

Over 6 years ago, David Zimmerman, founder and CEO of Gator Armor, was looking for the ideal sports protective clothing for his son. However, he did not find a product on the market that would meet his needs for protection and the freedom of movement his son required. David then enhanced existing technology to allow exceptional performance in both protection and mobility but also a quality product as well. He continues to use innovative and revolutionary technologies for Gator Armor and each year the improvements are impressive. The focus is to balances and distributes sudden pressure effects such as impacts or strong loads. This prevents injuries in various dynamic sports with direct body contact.

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