Gator Armor GA70 Lite Contact Shorts Junior L/XL

Gator Armor GA70 Lite Contact Shorts Junior L/XL

Protects especially the coccyx, the thighs as well as the hip. Suitable für handball, basketball, mountainbiking, skiing and more sports.

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The Gator Armor GA70 Lite Contact Shorts are designed to protect the coccyx, thigh and hip from injury. They fit perfectly to the body so that the game flow is not hindered. The unique foam protector technology makes the Protection Jock Shorts as flexible as it is secure, so the player can deliver maximum performance with maximum protection. On the velcro, the kneesocks and shinbone fasteners are fixed, in addition to that there is a pocket for your jock strap. The Protection Jock Shorts Youth are suitable for young players.


  • 40% Spandex
  • 50% Polyester
  • 10% Polyethylene

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