Gator Armor uses a sophisticated technology to compensate and significantly reduce external pressure as well as sudden high loads on the body using foam protectors.

Indepentent Block Technologie

Independent block technology

A special design as well as an optimal arrangement of the protectors ensure an even distribution of the impact energy and protect the body from injuries. The comfort of the equipment is also impressive: movements feel much better, the match becomes more carefree and above all you are absolutely protected.

Protection, prevention and comfort play a dominating role. Also significant is that Gator Armor does not contribute to the usual body temperature rise which are caused by sporting activities. The protectors rather support the body's cooling system.
The first look at Gator Armor gives you some impressions, but the unique appearance and the feeling when touching the foam protector is particularly noticeable. In addition to these two points, wearability is another trademark of Gator Armor, as the protectors are incredibly light compared to other products on the market.

Optimaler Schutz und Flexibilität

Optimal protection and flexibility

The equipment is hardly noticeable, is close to the body and therefore an optimal flexibility can be ensured. However, the key that makes Gator Armor such a successful product is the technology behind the equipment. The arrangement of special foam blocks (shaped like a donut) allows impressive protection properties.

The impact energy acting on the body is evenly distributed and thus almost completely absorbed. So the body remains protected. The difference to conventional protectors becomes clear at least after the first wear. These properties can be noted as indispensable elements of the brand Gator Armor.